Behind the Scenes

A list of people that made the SECOND CHANCE what it was

The Promoters 

Peter Andrews

Paul Potts

Gail Parenteau and Bob Bagaris of Bamboo Productions

Bob Fox and Rick Kay of Brass Ring Productions

Tom Stachler, Lee Berry, Tom Bray and Howard Kramer of Prism Productions

Charles Johnson / Electrifying Mojo

Steve Pysz

Ken Adamany

Punch Andrews

Al Nalli

Ray Schleide and Roger Schleide of A&A Productions

Karen Young

Linda Siglin

Marilyn Richason

Marty Oler

Jim Guldburg

Freddie Brooks

Jesse Crawford

Richie Gregory

Bruce Lorfel

Les Harvey

Roger Lelievre

Owner/Music Director

John Carver

Show Posters

Mike Griffin


Larry Meyers

Band Security

Stanley T. Madhatter

House Carpenter

Dr. Nick Boys

House Sound

Steve Fisher

Staging and Lights

Bob Tickle

Jeff Topham aka Harvey Knuckles

Jeff Alder

House Artists 

John Copley

Zeke Mallory


George Mennie

Club Curator / Historian / Website

Jeff Booth

Head Chef

Rich Magner

Head Bartenders

John Rozypal

Nejat Sarp

Patty Leake

Nancy Howley Cummins

Bar Manager

Bruce Steppig


Bub Bartholow

Leonard Sainati

Club Owners / Managers

Dave Mickelsen

John Carver

Dave Rogers

Mike Bender

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