The Mutants- October 12, 1981

From Hamtramck, Michigan, featuring: John Amore, Art Lyzak, Tom Morwatts, Pasadena, Bob “Bootsey” Marooney.

This music is for historical purposes only. It is intended to give the listener an insight, as to what it was like attending this concert at the legendary Second Chance club. It is not to be reproduced in any form.

The Mutants

Welcome to the Ann Arbor leg of The Mutants Anti- Celebrity Tour

I Say Yeah


Lunch Somebody

Boogers On You

Letter Today

Trouble With Rock

College Grad

Manhattan Project

Big Machine


Beat Generation

So American

Piece ‘O’ Shit

I Can’t See You Anymore

Introducing Bob “Bootsey” Marooney

Walk Like A Man

Mr. Clemons (Knows The Pope)

The bar is closing. 

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